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Kaspian Shows 2024

Kaspian Dressage Collage:

July 20

Below is our registration form and information poster.

Please fill out and email the printable form to OR complete the show registration online fillable form. Either way we will email you a conformation. Please etransfer payment to Waivers can be signed at site on show day.


































































For more information or help submitting registration forms contact us by calling 403-556-3478, texting 780-623-0234, Facebook at Kaspian Equestrian, or email 


Proof of 2024 AEF membership is required for riders competing in classical dressage and is recommended for  other competitors.  For more information see  

Show Registration
July 20

Thanks for registering! To complete your entry please etransfer total fees to We will send a confirmation email when your entry has been processed.

IMG_6814Kenton & Deka.JPG
IMG_6738Klezine & Trix.JPG
show group.jpg

If you are interested in Prix Caprilli, please see the competition tests below.

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