Kenton grew up with horses in a farm setting in central Alberta trail riding and working cows.  Horses were left behind during the college and career years but they caught up again in 2000. Roping, cow working and mountain riding were all activities Kenton enjoyed.


Dressage entered the picture as a training format in an effort to improve balance and softness while riding. It soon became the passion and focus of training and competing.  Western competitions and open showing faded into the shadows of Dressage but the group trips to the mountains remain an important part of his equine experiences. 


Kenton relocated from Lac La Biche to Olds in 2011 to engage in a higher quality training experience and closer interaction with the performance horse community.  He soon recognized a need in the community for a full service year round equestrian training facility and began developing the Kaspian Equestrian Training Centre in the spring of 2012. 



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Kenton Miller