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All boarders have access to full facility including heated indoor amenities.

Each boarder also receives a personal tack locker.

Indoor Board

Our facility includes 12 box stalls measuring 11 x 12. Each stall is equipped with high quality mattress mats, automatic watering system, barred window for natural light, and removable head grate for alleyway access. 

Horses are fed customized rations of hay and grain depending on weight, energy level, and overall condition.

Horses are turned out daily in private 20 x 90 pens. Indoor board includes blanketing service with horses blanketed according to daily temperatures.  If temperatures dip below -25 with wind chill, the horses remain indoors and given free time in the arena.

Indoor board is offered November to April as we believe horses should be outside as much as possible. $750/month plus GST.

Outdoor Board

Outdoor board includes a shelter, automatic water or trough, access to salt lick, and personalized hay ration twice a day.

Pens are made of four rail wood fencing or horse safe wire with a wood rail on top.

In the summer months, horses are turned out on grass twice daily in pasture settings.

Horses are carefully integrated into groups of 2 to 4 based on sex, temperament, and feed requirements. 

$400/month plus GST

Individual board is also available with the opportunity to feed a personalized grain ration.

$450/month plus GST

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