About The Facility

Outdoor Pens and Paddocks

Each horse boarded at Kaspian Equestrian has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mountain view year round whether they are boarded indoors or outdoors.


Each full time outdoor paddock includes:

- automatic watering system

- shelter

- hay feeders 

- salt blocks


Our outdoor pens have two different types of fencing. The first is simply four wooden rails. The second is safe wire, that is essentially made of plastic rather than metal. A few of our fences are equipped with electric wire.


Kaspian Equestrian is committed to having a safe environment that allows our horses and riders to achieve maximum focus  ensuring that learning is of the highest quality.


Indoor Arena:

Our indoor arena is 220 x 80 allowing for tons of room to school your horse  in all disciplines. As we do live in Alberta the indoor arena is heated and stays at a consistent temperature all winter long. With this in mind we also have a strict watering and grooming routine to ensure the sand footing does not get too dry or stay too damp. We have also installed an air exchange system;this system works by removing the old stagnant air and replacing it with fresh air to ensure neither our horses or ourselves are ever breathing poor quality air. It also ensures that the arena is not too humid for our athletes. We also have a blue tooth sound system that can connect to any smart phone. We believe it is important to have fun and be relaxed while riding and what better way than to listen to your favourite tunes. Lastly, we have mirrors that are used as a learning tool to allow students the opportunity to observe and self correct while riding, this makes our riders very independent.

For those not riding, we have a cozy seating area located upstairs, this allows parents or any other observers to have a warm place to sit and relax and maybe have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Outdoor Sand Ring

Our outdoor ring measure 100 x 240 allowing our athletes lots of room to stretch their legs.  We consistently groom the ring to ensure the footing stays even and rock free. This arena is a full length dressage arena, enclosed by 4 rail fencing around the whole ring.

Outdoor Grass Ring

This ring is perfect for, and used exclusively for lessons, clinics and schooling for outdoor shows. This ensures the integrity of the footing is preserved.

It measures 150 x 300. We insured that it is level and includes a good drainage system to prevent it becoming too slippery for our horses to work on. The ring is located on the east side of our arena, creating a very serene location for all types of riding. This ring is fenced by two strand safety wire to add a level of security to the ring.

Outdoor Round Pen

Our outdoor round pen is 60 ft in diameter and consists of a soft sand for the horses. The tall wooden fence provides a safe area to lunge and work with the horses on the ground.

Outdoor Working Equitation Ring

We have recently built a fully functioning, well groomed working equitation ring for practice and competition. The ring consists of 14 obstacles and can be rented for use by outside clients wanting to practice the course.

Outdoor Slope Ring

We are excited to announce we have built an outdoor slope rings that measures 60 feet wide and 750 feet long with a 5% grade. This ring is a fabulous training tool for all our equine athletes to build and develop better balance and collection.



At Kaspian Equestrian we have done our best to create a functional environment that both you and your horse can enjoy.


The first barn is our tacking barn. It is equipped with six cross tie stalls. These stalls are easily converted into emergency, overnight or holding stalls. Each stall has a double door that easily opens and closes at any time. In the tacking barn we also have our feed room where all the grain is stored in large bins to ensure we do not entice any rodents. Some additional features in our tacking barn include; large blanket racks, a tack cleaning station, saddle racks, saddle pad drying racks, and storage lockers for client and student tack and equipment.

The second barn is our stabling barn. This is where all the indoor horses are stalled, we do also use this space for clinics if we have horses that will be spending the night. In the stabling barn we have 12 box stalls that each have specially designed mats to increase the horses comfort. Each horse also has their own automatic water system and a window to allow them natural light into the stalls. Stalls have vertical bars and an opening head gate. Some additional features in our stabling barn include; heated tack room, wash rack, and bathroom.

Extra Features



Two attached shops are located on property for vehicle and tractor maitenance, building, welding and storage. These shops are a daily asset to our staff who believe highly in facility maintnance for the comfort and safety of all horses and riders.


Hay Sheds

Two large hay sheds can be found on the south side of the property, a total of 5000 square bales can be stored in our spacious sheds. The sheds are designed to keep elements such as snow, rain and dust off the hay. This allows our hay to last longer and maintain nutrient values longer as well.


Jump Shed

Approximately  8 - 10 jump sets and poles are stored in the indoor arena for weekly use in lessons and schooling. Kaspian however, also has a variety of hand made show jumps and standards that are stored in the jump shed south of the arena for special occasions. Calf roping tools, mounted archery targets and many desensitizing  items are also stored in our jump shed for fun days.

Tractor and Equipment Storage

Kaspian Equestrian grows hay and produces nearly 5000 square bales annually. The equipment used to seed, harrow, cut, rake and bale the hay is stored in one of our several storage bays south of the riding arena.

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