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About The Facility

Outdoor Pens and Paddocks


Every horse gets turnout year round in a group or individually. 

Each full-use outdoor paddock includes:

   - automatic watering system

   - shelter

   - hay feeders

   - salt blocks

Fences are either wooden rails, safe wire (wire wrapped in plastic), electric fence or a combination.

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Kaspian is committed to maintaining a safe environment that allows horse and rider to achieve maximum focus when learning. 

Indoor Arena

Our indoor arena is 220 x 80 ft allowing for tons of room to school your horse in all disciplines. It is heated to a consistent temperature all year round with a regular watering and grooming schedule. The air exchange system allows for fresh air to circulate without losing heat. A Bluetooth sound system allows riders to connect their music to surround-sound speakers or coaches to connect a microphone during clinics. We have mirrors placed at strategic locations to allow riders to self-observe. 

There is a heated viewing area upstairs to allow for comfortable watching.

Outdoor Sand Arena

Our outdoor ring measures 100 x 240 ft. The sand is groomed regularly to ensure even, rock-free footing. It is enclosed with four rail wooden fencing. 

Grass Cross Country Field

A fenced area where the cross country jumps are set up. The footing is inspected regularly for holes and the jumps are rotated to maintain safe take off and landing zones. There is also a small hill to incorporate jumping with incline.

Archery Track

This 90m sand running lane meets specifications for international archery competition and is used regularly at club practice.

Outdoor Round Pen

Our round pen is 60 ft in diameter, has soft sand footing, and a tall wooden fence.


Both barns are connected to the indoor arena to prevent unnecessary trips outside in the winter.


Tacking Barn

The tacking barn has six cross tie stalls that can easily be converted into full size stalls by closing the double doors at the front. There are saddle racks beside each one for easy tacking. Each boarder receives a locker to store their tack and equipment. There are also blanket racks, saddle pad drying racks, and a tack cleaning station. The feed room uses plastic bins to prevent rodents.

Stabling Barn

The stabling barn has 12 box stalls each with specially designed mats, automatic water, window, and opening head gate. There is another tack room with lockers, a heated bathroom, and wash rack with hot and cold water.


Extra Features



There are two attached shops on property for vehicle and tractor maintenance, building, welding, and storage. These are used to maintain a highly functional facility for the safety and comfort of horses and riders.

Hay Sheds

Two large hay sheds store a total of 5000 square bales that have been harvested from the property. The sheds are designed to keep the hay away from the elements and retain nutritional value longer. 

Jump Shed

This shed is used to store a variety of equipment that can be used for special occasions. Hunter and jumper standards, poles, and fill, mounted archery targets, and cowboy challenge obstacles can be found here.

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